DHET: Graduate / Internship Programme 2018

CFO Development Support, Public Entities

  • Assists with coordination and m onitoring of funded Project.
  • S erve as a secretary for projects meetings
  • Compile submissions , Reports and Memos
  • Assist with o versight, Monitoring & Evaluating and c ompliance report s
  • Assist in compiling and analysing financial reports.

N Dip / Degree: Administration, Financial Management , Development Studies, AccountingRef No: CFO / 2018 / 01

Office of the CFO

  • Assist with preparations of financial reports on Departmental Development fund.
  • Generic front office management and reception services, filing, records management and administrative functions.
  • Perform ad – hoc duties as maybe delegated from time to time in the directorate

N Dip / B.Com: Office Management or Filling, Administration, Accounting.Ref No: CFO / 2018 / 02

Compliance , Internal Audit

  • Assist with p lan ning and execute audits
  • Assist with the design of audit programmes
  • Assist with compliance verification / testing and monitoring.
  • Assist with performing ad – hoc tasks relevant to compliance.

N Dip / Degree / B.com: Compliance, Internal AuditingRef No: CFO / 2018 / 03

Financial Services

  • Capturing journals on BAS
  • Processing PTMS on PERSAL System and BAS
  • Processing of expenditure transactions; processing of debts transactions; Payroll management; Cash flow and budgeting
  • Provide financial and administrative support to projects.

N Dip / Degree / B.com: Finance with Accounting,Ref No: CFO / 2018 / 04

Supply Chain Management , Assets Management

  • Sourcing of price quotation
  • Processing of orders and payments
  • Filling of Supply Chain Management documents
  • Ordering, Travel and Accommodation, Logistics, Transit, Receiving of requisitions, selecting suppliers from CSD (Central Supplier Database).

N Dip / Degree: Logistics, Purchasing M anagement , Public Admin, Supply Chain, Asset Management, FinanceRef No: CFO / 2018 / 05

Planning Policy & Strategy Research Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Desktop Research, Report Writing, Recording Minutes and Management of research projects
  • Logistical Planning, Secretarial Support and Administrative Support
  • Conduct internet re searches
  • Undertake literature reviews Master’s Degree: Social Sciences (Education) ,

N Dip / Degree: Public AdminRef No: P / 2018 / 06

Career Deve lopment Services and Open Learning

  • Assist with the maintenance of various CDS projects budget
  • Assist with analysis of financial information for CDS
  • Assist with the m anagement of CDS assets
  • Assist with the d evelop ment of APP’s for Career Development Services and Open Learning.

N Dip / Degree: Financial Management, AuditingRef No: P / 2018 / 07

System Monitoring & Economic Analysis

  • Provide Office Administration

Provide secretariat services Degree: Economics, Econometrics, Statistics & Mathematics.Ref No: P / 2018 / 08

Legal and Legislative Service for Education Institutions

  • Provide logistical support to meetings , compile agenda, take minutes and arranging refreshments
  • Assist with legal advisory services, drafting of legal documents and legal research

Degree: LLBRef No: P / 2018 / 09

Information System Coordination

  • Manage small projects and assist with development of information standard
  • Provide secretariat services in the directorate meetings
  • Perform ad – hoc duties as maybe delegated from time to time in the directorate

N Dip / Bachelor’s Degree: Public / Admin / Office Management, Public AdminRef No: P / 2018 / 10

Global Partnership, African Middle East

  • A ssist with the necessary logistical and programmatic preparations to receive and host local and international guests
  • P erform general tasks as and when requested by the Deputy Director and Assistant Director
  • A ssist the personal assistant with ensuring the Director’s office operations are carried out efficiently

BA Degree / BA Hon. International Relations or major in PoliticsRef No: P / 2018 / 11

Strategic Coordination & Secretarial Supp ort, Social Inclusion & Equity

  • Assist in the development and compilation of the department annual performance plan
  • Assist in collation of strategic and performance inputs from B ranches
  • Assist with facilitat ion provisioning of stationary and office equipme nt

N Dip / BA Degree: Management Assistant or Admin, Public AdminRef No: P / 201 8 / 12

University Education Financial and Physical Planning

  • A ssist in one or more of the sections dealing with earmarked grants i.e. infrastructure, clinical training , vat science, HDI development grant
  • Assist with the evaluation of clinical training grants reports from universities
  • Assist with submissions to release funds

N Dip / BA Degree: Accounting, Public Finance, InfrastructureRef No: UE / 2018 / 13

Office of the DDG

  • Provide administrative support in the office of the DDG, including the following: – Conduct research on the HE System – Support various research projects – Report writing and develop briefings

Honours Degree: Arts, Social Science , EducationRef No: UE / 2018 / 14

Private Higher Education Institutions

  • Information Management
  • Production of Certificates.
  • Evaluation and annual reports

N Dip / Degree: Management, Economic, Social SciencesRef No: UE / 2018 / 15

  • Teaching &Leaning Development and Teaching Qualification & Policy
  • Capturing registration information into a relevant database
  • Sorting evaluated qualification in alpha numerical order
  • Arranging travelling and accommodation for the manager

N Dip / Bachelor’s Degree: Business or Office Admin, Public AdminRef No: UE / 2018 / 16

TVET TVET Infrastructure Development Programme

  • Project Support, Prepare for meetings, Review Reports, Compile Reports, Office Support, Filling, Record Keeping, Writing Minutes

N Dip / Degree: Project ManagementRef No: TVET / 2018 / 17

Financial Planning

  • Budget planning , Management, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Financial statement analysis and reporting
  • Funding norms development and implementation
  • Assist with the m anage ment of data collection processes
  • Develop and analyse data and compile reports
  • Assist with the management of the cash flow statements of the Directorate
  • Assist with the processing of S&T and cell phone claims.

B.com: Financial Accounting, Economics & EconometricsRef No: TVET / 2018 / 18

Planning and Institutional Support

  • Administer and monitor the directorate’s financial system in line with the Department financial system in order to ensure that the directorate finances are maintained in an accurate and timely manner
  • Provide office administration support to the Directorate, including fi ling, tracking and processing of documents and correspondence.
  • Organise and Co ordinate meetings, conferences and travel arrangements. N Dip / Bach Degree: Public Admin, Financial Management
  • Ref No: TVET / 2018 / 19
Public TVET Colleges

  • Database management for the Chie f Directorate
  • Compile and submit travel claims, cell phone claims, subsistence and travel claims.
  • Assist with the management of the filling system of the Directorate and retrieval of document as and when required
  • Provide administrative support to the Dire ctorate in order to ensure that the Directorate’s administrative functions are performed well.

N Dip / Degree / Bach: Public Admin, Management, Database Management, Business StudiesRef No: TVET / 2018 / 20

CORPORATE SERVICES Communication and Media Liaison and Call Centre & Clients Service

  • Respond to enquiries / queries through Call Centre, fax and email.
  • Assist to manage DHET social media platform
  • Office administration ( i.e. Couriering Branding bookings for travelling’s, Procuring stationary, procuring communicatio n equipment , Procuring Branding.
  • Assist with the m onitor ing of internal communication platforms (i.e. notice board monitoring)

N Dip / Degree: Communications, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Journalism, Marketing ManagementRef No: CS / 2018 / 21

Government Information Technology Office

  • Provide transversal system (BAS, PERSAL and LOGIS) support
  • Assist in the administration of the entire Microsoft network environment
  • Installation and maintenance of network infrastructure and software

N Dip / Degree: IT, BSc, C omputer ScienceRef No: CS / 2018 / 22

Facilities Management and Logistics Services

  • Assist wit h the management of transport, GG vehicles and other facilities management duties
  • R ender effective and efficient registry services
  • Payment of private and state owned and municipal services
  • Prepare document and files for filing including opening and closing of files

N Dip / Degree: Facilities, Property Management, Public Management, Project ManagementRef No: CS / 2018 / 23

Human Resource Administration ,Management & Development

  • Assi st with the coordination of Recruitment and Selection process es i.e. capturing applications, shortlisting and interviews.
  • Assist with capturing of information on the PERSAL SYSTEM
  • Assist in coordinating Internship, Security Learnership and WIL Programme
  • Capturing of performance management form s on both PERSAL System and Departmental spread sheet e.g. (Performance agreement , Quarterly reviews and Annual Assessments
  • Assist with the bursary audit process and capturing of applications on database
  • Quality checking of all PMDS documents to ensure compliance with Departmental PMDS Policy for employees
  • Assist with administration and coordination of Skills Development unit

N Dip / Degree: Human Resource Management & Development, Public Administration, Records / Office ManagementRef No: CS / 2018 / 24

Labour Relations & Wellness

  • Assist with c ounselling and referrals
  • Assist with advocacy of EHW programmes and services
  • Assist with the Psycho – Social Intervention
  • Assist with h andling of grievances and misconduct
  • Assis t with coordination of c ollective bargaining and negotiations

N Dip / Degree / B Tech: Labour Relations, laws, Office Admin / Secretarial, Psychology / WellnessRef No: CS / 2018 / 25

Office of the Director – General / Deputy Director General: CS / Chief Director HRM&D

  • Risk Management or fraud Prevention activities, Secretarial function of the risk Management committee and a dmin istration support
  • Generic front office management and reception services, filing, records management and other ad – hoc administrative functions.
  • H andling of confidential documents and Responding to enquiries.
  • Assist with incoming and outgoing of correspondence
  • Scan files and Hyperlinking of documents.
  • Administrative support

N Dip / Degree: Public / Admin / Office Management, Management Assistant , Risk Management, Auditing / Accounting / Forensic AuditingRef No: CS / 2018 / 26

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT National Skills Fund / Work Integrated Learning

  • Assisting managers with projects administration
  • Assisting Directorates with office administration duties
  • Sorting of data from SETAs, UoT’s and TVET
  • Managing the incoming and outgoing of data to stakeholders.
  • Assisting with compilation of claims
  • Assist to design relevant audit procedures for planned audits.
  • Assisting with execution of audits as per the internal audit plan , in accordance with internal audit methodology and International Standards of Internal Audit.
  • Assist with the conducting of legal research and provide legal advice including drafting legal opinions
  • Assist with ensuring compliance to risk management polici es, procedures and systems
  • Update the risk register, compliance report and central litigation and investment register.
  • Assist with maintaining of accurate weekly timesheets and monitoring hours spend against available budget and provide regular reports.

N Dip / Degree: Public / Office / Admin Management, Project / Financial Management, Information Technology, Legal Assistance, Communication, Public Relation, Data Capture, Supply Chain Management, Auditing, Management Assistant, ResearchRef No: SD / 2018 / 27

National Skills Authority

  • Assist with the mark eting and communication strategies
  • Coordinate NSA advocacy activities
  • Assist with the m anage ment of Social Media Platforms.
  • Assist with the coordination of NSA events

N Dip / Honours Degree: Information System, Marketing / CommunicationRef No: SD / 2018 / 28

CET Institutional Development Support, Programme Curriculum, Development and Assessment

  • Assist with the m onitor ing and report on CD Budget
  • Arrange, prepare for and record proceedings of meetings
  • Assist with p rocurement and logistics

N Dip / Degree: Office Management / AdministrationRef No: CET / 2018 / 29

Regional offices and Colleges (E Cape, N Cape, W Cape, N W, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, F S, KZN & Gauteng).

  • Office management and administration support
  • A ssist the CETC directorate with distribution, collection and capturing of annual and snap surveys.
  • A ssist the CET directorate procurement matters
  • Assist with making travelling arrangements
  • Assist in the administration of the entire Microsoft network environment
  • Installation and maintenance of network infrastructure and software
  • Assist with preparations for financial reports
  • Processing of expenditure transactions; processing of debts transactions;

N Dip / Degree: Public / Office Administration, Human Resources Management, Finance , Town Planning / Quantity Surveying, Information Management, IT Specialist, Accounting, Data Management, Management Assistant.Ref No: CET / 2018 / 30

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