The purpose of this position involves managing, marketing and supervising day-to-day teaching programs of all academics. Work closely with the QA division with regards to all matters on accreditation

Management and Administration
• Manage Programme Accreditation and Review in line with the Institutions vision and mission
• Chair the Programme Design, Development and Review (PDDR) Committee
• Chair the Programme Advisory Committee
• Attend weekly department meetings and provide a report on current projects
• Contribute to the development of the department’s budget
• Build excellent relations with all internal and external academics and service providers
• Prepare budgets for programme development etc.

Programme Accreditation (Local and International)

• Work in consultation with Institutional Research Unit, Associate Director and Academic Directors to identify new programmes for submission
• Appoint and approve developers for new programmes
• Conduct training for programme developers and academic staff
• Conduct an internal review of all new programme submissions
• Liaise with programme developers
• Handover of documentation to Quality Assurance for upload and submission to the respective regulator

Programme Reaccreditation

• Track reaccreditation cycles of existing academic programmes
• Liaise with Quality Assurance Department for the respective templates for programme reaccreditation
• Provide leadership to Programme Coordinators responsible for completing reaccreditation applications
• Conduct workshops with relevant departments of reaccreditation requirements
• Conduct an internal review of all reaccreditation applications and supporting evidence
• Manage the development of responses to conditions and/or representations (where applicable) when feedback is received from the respective regulator

Programme Reviews

• Track the reaccreditation cycle of programmes for purposes of prioritising programme reviews
• Develop timelines for programme reviews
• Inform responsible Programme Coordinators and Academic Managers of upcoming programme reviews
• Provide leadership and guidance to Programme Coordinators conducting programme reviews
• Review reports and evidence submitted by Programme Coordinators and provide feedback
• Review implementation of interventions and/or improvements resulting from programme reviews

Regulatory Bodies
• To prepare for and ensure attendance at any site visits relating to the academic programmes
• To actively participate in CHE Audit and site visits together with the other members of Management
• To participate in any regulatory body activity

Policy Development and Review
• Involvement in policy development related to the Curriculum Directorate
• Review policies related to the Curriculum Directorate

Development of Reporting Templates Guides and Forms
• Work in collaboration with other department members and stakeholders in the development of reporting templates and guides for programme and module development and reviews

Professional Development
• Engage in ongoing professional development by independently studying to upgrade knowledge field of expertise
• Actively participate in staff development initiatives offered by the institution
• Publish at least one journal article per year in a peer reviewed journal

Job Requirements: 

• Master of Commerce (Supply Chain Management)

• Minimum two to five years’ experience within an office environment
• Minimum two years’ experience in managerial role
• Minimum two years’ experience in a similar role

• Required to work during the weekends and overtime
• Have a good understanding of the Higher Education landscape

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