Academic Administration Manager – Durban

We are looking for an experienced Administration Manager to supervise daily support operations of MANCOSA and plan the most efficient administrative procedures. You will lead an administrative team in order to complete a range of administrative duties across departments.
A great administration manager has excellent communication and organizational skills. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in departmental procedures and policies and will be able to actively discover new ways to do the job more efficiently.
The goal is to ensure all support activities are carried on efficiently and effectively to allow the other operations to function properly.

• Plan and coordinate administrative procedures and systems and devise ways to streamline processes
• Recruit and train personnel and allocate responsibilities and office space
• Assess staff performance and provide coaching and guidance to ensure maximum efficiency
• Ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within MANCOSA to facilitate other business operations
• Manage schedules and deadlines for all academic activities
• Monitor inventory of office supplies and the purchasing of new material with attention to budgetary constraints
• Monitor costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation
• Oversee facilities services, maintenance activities
• Organize and supervise other office activities (recycling, renovations, event planning etc.)
• Ensure operations adhere to policies and regulations
• Keep abreast with all organizational changes and business developments
• Generate bi-annual reports to Directorate

Job Requirements: 

• Masters in Business Administration or Equivalent
• BA (Hons) in business administration or relative field
• Proficiency in the English language and IsiZulu being an added advantage

• Proven experience as Administration Manager
• In-depth understanding of office management procedures and departmental and legal policies
• Familiarity with financial and facilities management principles
• Proficient in MS Office
• An analytical mind with problem-solving skills
• Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities
• A team player with leadership skills

• Must be adaptable to changing work hours
• Must be willing to work Saturdays and Sundays

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